KBUG Mentors

Dear Members and New Members,

Our branch is fortunate enough to have two additional support programs that assist young women.  One program is called TTAG (Tech Trek Alumni Group) which is a network of Tech Trek alumni who meet to make plans to help others, better the world, and better themselves, too, especially in the area of STEM.

In addition to TTAG, we also have KBUG Mentoring GroupKBUG stands for “Know Before You Go” and helps girls transition from high school into college.

We welcome all members to become KBUG Mentors.  If interested, email Dayla at dayla.sims71@gmail.com.   

Meet the Mentors and New Mentees 2019


Mentor Leslie Criswell with her new mentee, Debra S.





Mentor Frankie Goldstein with new mentee, Alexandra.





Mentor Terri Diamond with new mentee, Dahlia.





Mentor Jean de Angelis with mentee Kalina.





Mentor Cathy Gallipeau with mentee Ashley R.





June 15, 2018 Final Blow-out KBUG Party


Mari, Valeria, Yuridia, and Ashley enjoy a moment at the “Selfie Table.”



Amy Johbnson


On the right, TTAC member, Amy J, lets the mentees know what to do to join TTAG.

Below KBUG  Coordinator, Dayla Sims and Anita  O-M.  (Anita  was  kind  enough  to  style a traditional African head-wrap (dhuku), which holds a distinctive position in the history of dress and has never passed out of fashion.



Below, Jina Wakimoto, Deborah Cotton-Thomas, Leslie Criswell, and Jeanne Hamilton are giving the mentees a game-ending high-five.  The Mentees won this year, but next year, look out!hi fives