Membership Dues

AAUW dues 19-20

AAUW Beach Cities Branch



To renew your membership please go to the national website and use their online form:  

Our branch number is: CA-O55, Beach Cities Branch.

Or you may print out the attached branch membership renewal form and send in a check to:  AAUW Beach Cities, Attention Treasurer Becky Tan, P.O. Box 1136, Manhattan Beach, CA 90267.AAUW dues 19-20

For payments other than for Tech Trek make your check payable to AAUW Beach Cities and send form and checks to: AAUW Beach Cities, ATTN: Becky Tan, Treasurer, P.O. Box 1136, Manhattan Beach, CA 90267

QUESTIONS: Please contact our Treasurer, Becky Tan at or call  310 529-9400