AAUW BC “Become a 2-minute Activist”

It is Time to Become an AAUW Activist!

The outcome of the November election and subsequent events have raised concerns in organizations that focus on women’s issues, including AAUW and its coalition partners in California, the California Coalition for Reproductive Freedom, and Stronger California.  Finding appropriate ways to express the concerns of members is a challenge.  We see issues that we thought to be “settled” now have become front-page news, such as access to health care for people at all income levels, forthcoming challenges to Roe v. Wade, and freedom to make personal reproductive choices.  “Rights” that women have taken for granted are now at risk!

AAUW is a non-partisan organization engaging in issue-based advocacy. Our messages cannot identify with political parties, but this does not mean that we must remain silent when key components of our mission are being challenged. In fact, we must speak up.  As Lisa Maatz, AAUW VP for Governmental Affairs has stated, “AAUW will speak truth to power”, and has already made strong statements as candidates for cabinet posts are being vetted by Congress. It is critical that AAUW members and all citizens concerned with equity be knowledgeable and aware of the current status of important issues, and take action.  Women’s rights are human rights!

What should you do as an AAUW member?  First, become informed. Use the AAUW website to educate yourself on issues.  Check your facts in these days of “fake news” messages being planted. AAUW staff is closely monitoring actions contemplated by the incoming administration and Congress, and posting information on the website. Next, get connected to AAUW’s national Two -Minute Activist network.  If you haven’t already, take advantage of the easiest way to express advocacy:  sign up for AAUW Action Alerts. Go to the national website, https://www.aauw.org/what-we-do/public-policy/two-minute-activist/ and sign up. AAUW will notify us when it is time to make contact with our elected officials.  When you use Two-Minute activist you are automatically connected with the office of your elected Member of Congress or U.S. Senator.  Make yourself heard!  These electeds have offices in their districts – even consider making a visit there to express your views!

When you are signed up on national’s Two-Minute Activist, you are automatically signed up for AAUW CA Action Alerts.  As this legislative session moves forward you will also be receiving messages about taking action on CA bills and other actions that might require immediate responses from members. Change only takes place when we collectively demand it…Act now!

Make Your Voice Heard in Congress

Take a moment to read about the latest issue in Congress. Then take one more minute to personalize and e-mail a message to your member of Congress.