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Beach Cities Branch College Scholarships Awarded for 2017

Congrats to our AAUW Beach Cities 2017 college scholarship winners, Vanessa Matias (who will be attending the University of California at San Diego in the fall) and Susana Barreras (who is off to the University of California at Irvine!)!

Each of this year’s scholarship recipients were TechTrek Science Camp attendees sent by our own Beach Cities branch. 

We’d like to thank Terry Hays-Horner for her tireless work for the Tech Trek / TTAG / Scholarships program for our Beach Cities Branch. She has been instrumental in creating a network of support and friendship among the TechTrek alumnae, the nominating teachers and administrators , members of our AAUW branch as well as the  TechTrek program leaders.  We are so happy that she has allowed our branch to watch as the program has grown with the girls and women involved.

Picture of two girls in front of an AAUW table.

Our two scholarship winners for 2017; Veronica Matias and Susana Barrera


Picture of three women in front of an AAUW table

Terry Hays-Horner and the two scholarship award winners: Veronica Matias and Susana Barrera

You Might Not Know These Remarkable Women, but You Should: AAUW

On Saturday, I spoke of Aileen Rizo, and her equal pay lawsuit.  This article includes Ms. Rizo and some other remarkable women you might not know about but should. From the halls of Congress to the U.N. to movie theaters, these women are blazing trails and empowering women and girls everywhere. Read more »

Source: You Might Not Know These Remarkable Women, but You Should: AAUW

Branch Meeting: Conservation, Justice & the Citizens’ Climate Lobby

Branch Program Meeting, March 4th – RSVP
The March meeting is quickly approaching, we are pleased to have Adrienne Mohan from the PVP Land Conservancy, Lizzy Hare and AAUW Research Fellow studying science and justice as well as Dr. Loraine Lundquist, physicist and climate activist. The program is titled: Conservation, Justice and the Citizens’ Climate Lobby.
Please take a moment to RSVP at the Evite website using this link:

AAUW Beach Cities Top Three Goals

The Beach Cities Branch voted for their top three goals from a list of 18 goals.  They are listed below.  In addition, we will add articles to this “menu item” that are in line with these three goals.

  1.  Pay equity, fairness in compensation, and economic justice
  2. Increased support for programs that break through barriers for women and girls in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fields
  3. Programs that provide women with education, training, and support for success in the work force.

100 Years of Sexism: An AAUW Fellow Reflects on Women’s Treatment in Academia: AAUW

Elizabeth Colson recalls that when she was in school, Radcliffe College students were barred from attending many Harvard classes in order to keep the sexes segregated. Female students at Radcliffe were only allowed to use Harvard’s reference library if they stood. Read more »

Source: 100 Years of Sexism: An AAUW Fellow Reflects on Women’s Treatment in Academia: AAUW