Message From Co-Presidents Dayla and Kathy

Hello to all our wonderful Beach Cities Members and Friends! We hope you all have had time to enjoy the holidays with family and friends, reminisce about past memories and make new ones. Kathy had fun buying toys to donate to children in the South Bay. With her grandchildren now in their pre-teens and teens, it was fun to just pick toys rather than search for “The Toy”!

Dayla always celebrate the holidays after December 25—allowing for all the in-laws to get “first dibs” on the actual day. We’re also looking forward to seeing you all at the first Beach Cities meeting in 2017 on January 7th (10 am at Manhattan Beach Community Church). You will have the opportunity to meet Betsy Butler. Betsy served in the California State Assembly prior to becoming the Executive Director of the California Women’s Law Center. She has been a tireless advocate for fairness and equal rights for women and girls and is a terrific speaker. You’ll enjoy the challenge of hearing about her experiences and current activities and she will be glad to answer your questions about the most recent election and/or where we go from here. Have a Happy New Year and come visit with old and new friends on January 7th – the start of a great 2017 for AAUW Beach Cities! Kathy and Dayla

100 Years of Sexism: An AAUW Fellow Reflects on Women’s Treatment in Academia: AAUW

Elizabeth Colson recalls that when she was in school, Radcliffe College students were barred from attending many Harvard classes in order to keep the sexes segregated. Female students at Radcliffe were only allowed to use Harvard’s reference library if they stood. Read more »

Source: 100 Years of Sexism: An AAUW Fellow Reflects on Women’s Treatment in Academia: AAUW

TTAG’s Big Success–“Women in STEM” 2016

Huge Success TTAG “Women in STEM” 2017!

The Women in STEM Forum held on Sat., 2/25/17, at the Redondo Beach Library was a wonderful success! The four varied career women presenters were each enthusiastic and enlightening, prompting many questions from the audience. Approximately 30 adults and 40 students attended.  TTAG member and 8th grader, Khushi K., was the chairperson of the event.  TTAG liaisons who were paired with each of the presenters to initiate and maintain contact in obtaining bios and digital presentations were: Khushi K., Jazmine G., Sabrina A. and Logan H.

Presenters were: Dilrukshie Cooray, M.D. of Rheumatology at Torrance Memorial Medical Center; Denise Cheyette, DPT, Physical Therapist and owner of the Wellness Bank in Manhattan Beach who also talked about learning how to run a business that gives back to communities; Lauren Tojo, a Test Equipment Project Engineer at Moog Inc. in Torrance; and Ximena Mutis, a UI/UX graphic designer for
Symantec Corp., specializing in branding and infographic (icon) design. Her slide show of her personal albums that she created in elementary through high school really spoke to the girls who could see a connection between art and science.

Additional TTAG girls present (who are holding the AAUW sign in the picture) were: Sabrina, Drunara, Logan, Katelyn, Alexis and Khushi.

Women in STEM is an annual event. The next public TTAG event, College Prep 101, will be held in October 7, 2017.  Mark your calendars!

Tech Trek 2016 Success!