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Beach Cities Branch College Scholarships Awarded for 2017

Congrats to our AAUW Beach Cities 2017 college scholarship winners, Vanessa Matias (who will be attending the University of California at San Diego in the fall) and Susana Barreras (who is off to the University of California at Irvine!)!

Each of this year’s scholarship recipients were TechTrek Science Camp attendees sent by our own Beach Cities branch. 

We’d like to thank Terry Hays-Horner for her tireless work for the Tech Trek / TTAG / Scholarships program for our Beach Cities Branch. She has been instrumental in creating a network of support and friendship among the TechTrek alumnae, the nominating teachers and administrators , members of our AAUW branch as well as the  TechTrek program leaders.  We are so happy that she has allowed our branch to watch as the program has grown with the girls and women involved.

Picture of two girls in front of an AAUW table.

Our two scholarship winners for 2017; Veronica Matias and Susana Barrera


Picture of three women in front of an AAUW table

Terry Hays-Horner and the two scholarship award winners: Veronica Matias and Susana Barrera

KBUG – Thanking our Mentors / Recruiting more!

KBUG Thank Yous

A big thank you to all of our Mentors this year, who took time out of their busy schedules to participate in a relationship that was very risky and most likely very difficult.  Yet, they all kept at it.

A new break-through:  We will set up a time in a computer lab for mentees to work on their technology portfolios over the summer with me in a computer lab TBD.  Mentors will be invited, but it won’t be mandatory that they attend—only the mentees. Look for the invitations to the mentees to come out June 25th for two computer lab dates in summer.

Some mentors have asked about meeting their mentees next year.  The short answer is that the mentor and your mentee will decide a meeting place, the time, and the day of the week. The long answer is as follows:  We will discuss what veteran mentors have already worked out at the June 25th meeting/celebration.

Special shout-out to Becky Tan and Adrienne Zeigler for offering their homes for mentors to meet.  Both have gone out of their way to support the mentors.  Thanks.


Opportunity to Become a KBUG Mentor

To all the potential mentors for 2017, here is a feedback letter from one of our mentors this year.  I hope to have the dates for training, but it will be sometime in late August.

“I just want to check in & share with you that my mentees and I had a busy yet fun year. We’ve discussed our meetings for next school year & I’ll be checking in with each of them this summer. We’re planning to meet in early fall.  I had an opportunity to invite my mentees to a play. Afterwards, we had pizza & cake at my house. My family was there too. We had a nice ending to our mentor meetings for this school year.  Overall, I feel truly grateful to KBUG for the opportunity of getting to know these wonderful young women.”

Not everyone experiences this kind of success, but it is possible.  If you are interested, send an email to:    I will email you the information about the training within the next few weeks.  As you know we will need 21 mentors.



TTAG’s Big Success–“Women in STEM” 2016

Huge Success TTAG “Women in STEM” 2017!

The Women in STEM Forum held on Sat., 2/25/17, at the Redondo Beach Library was a wonderful success! The four varied career women presenters were each enthusiastic and enlightening, prompting many questions from the audience. Approximately 30 adults and 40 students attended.  TTAG member and 8th grader, Khushi K., was the chairperson of the event.  TTAG liaisons who were paired with each of the presenters to initiate and maintain contact in obtaining bios and digital presentations were: Khushi K., Jazmine G., Sabrina A. and Logan H.

Presenters were: Dilrukshie Cooray, M.D. of Rheumatology at Torrance Memorial Medical Center; Denise Cheyette, DPT, Physical Therapist and owner of the Wellness Bank in Manhattan Beach who also talked about learning how to run a business that gives back to communities; Lauren Tojo, a Test Equipment Project Engineer at Moog Inc. in Torrance; and Ximena Mutis, a UI/UX graphic designer for
Symantec Corp., specializing in branding and infographic (icon) design. Her slide show of her personal albums that she created in elementary through high school really spoke to the girls who could see a connection between art and science.

Additional TTAG girls present (who are holding the AAUW sign in the picture) were: Sabrina, Drunara, Logan, Katelyn, Alexis and Khushi.

Women in STEM is an annual event. The next public TTAG event, College Prep 101, will be held in October 7, 2017.  Mark your calendars!

Tech Trek 2016 Success!