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A monthly message from the AAUW Beach Cities (CA) branch president.

President’s Message

Dear AAUW Members and Community,

The sun shone brightly as we celebrated our 19th Annual Authors Luncheon.  From the festive displays for the Silent Auction to the beautiful centerpieces on each of the tables, it was an amazing event.  And we are so grateful for the wonderful authors who shared their life stories so eloquently and with a hint of vulnerability lying just below the surface, it was almost palpable. With their book presentations and our wonderful Moderator, the entire day brought an uplifting end to wonderful year.PIc of the authors at the dias Now that the happy commotion of the Authors Luncheon (raised enough money for 7 scholarships) has given way to our final meeting in just a few days, Kathy and I thought we’d offer some brief reflections on our year.

It’s been a year when we have advanced a range of ambitious undertakings, including finding our best treasurer to date, Becky Tan. Becky also helped coordinate the successful Comedy Night which sold 83 tickets this year—a record breaking number AND got the bank to lift the monthly fee for our account.  And it’s been a year when we’ve drawn new strengths from our hard-working secretary Audrey Wilner, who for the 2nd year in a row hosted the Book Jacket Event.  And, of course, Ann Paour’s amazing leadership with her Teck Trek team made the very detailed and difficult work of winnowing down the list of almost 60 girls to 21 qualified campers.   Our branch also approved Ann’s suggestion for providing each camper with a copy of  The Knowledge Encyclopedia in addition to their memorable and possibly life-changing week at the TT Camp this summer.  A wonderful gift that other branches are also providing their campers.

And what about Vickie spear-heading a new-members event at Uncorked and overseeing an ever-growing membership of 52 paid-up members.  And always cheering on her TTAG girls, Terry Hays-Horner provided leadership and encouragement to those talented and civic-minded young ladies, so much so, that the two community presentations at the Redondo Beach Library were standing room only.

This year, in addition to updating our by-laws, we launched AAUW Beach Cities’ most significant changes in many years.  Thanks to all of you, we now have more realistic officer terms of service (two years instead of one) on an even/odd rotating basis, so that in any one year, there are only 2-3 NEW officers needed—not all 5 at once.  Yikes!  This year 2017 (odd year) Nancy Wloch is going to help us (re-)install 1)Treasurer, 2) Vice-President of Membership, and 3) Vice-President of Tech Trek (new position). Every time we hear about our branch name in the Daily Breeze or Easy Reader, and now the state website, we have to thank Vickie for her ability to spread the word—and that is not even counting the wonderful Email Blasts all year long.

Yes, we had a reinvigorating year and each of you have come with renewed momentum to continue our work of educating and enriching the lives of women and girls.

Thank you,  Dayla and Kathy

AAUW Beach Cities Top Three Goals

The Beach Cities Branch voted for their top three goals from a list of 18 goals.  They are listed below.  In addition, we will add articles to this “menu item” that are in line with these three goals.

  1.  Pay equity, fairness in compensation, and economic justice
  2. Increased support for programs that break through barriers for women and girls in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fields
  3. Programs that provide women with education, training, and support for success in the work force.