2017 Authors Luncheon

Date: May 20, 2017 

Deadline for RSVP is May 10th.

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Branch Meeting: Conservation, Justice & the Citizens’ Climate Lobby

Branch Program Meeting, March 4th – RSVP
The March meeting is quickly approaching, we are pleased to have Adrienne Mohan from the PVP Land Conservancy, Lizzy Hare and AAUW Research Fellow studying science and justice as well as Dr. Loraine Lundquist, physicist and climate activist. The program is titled: Conservation, Justice and the Citizens’ Climate Lobby.
Please take a moment to RSVP at the Evite website using this link: http://evite.me/TudQAscECE

AAUW Beach Cities Top Three Goals

The Beach Cities Branch voted for their top three goals from a list of 18 goals.  They are listed below.  In addition, we will add articles to this “menu item” that are in line with these three goals.

  1.  Pay equity, fairness in compensation, and economic justice
  2. Increased support for programs that break through barriers for women and girls in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fields
  3. Programs that provide women with education, training, and support for success in the work force.